What Does a Real Estate Law Firm Do

What does a Real Estate Law Firm Do is a question often asked.

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Representation by an experienced legal firm may come handy regardless of whether you are dealing with residential or commercial real estate. It is obvious that a real estate attorney will handle contracts and closing details; however a legal firm’s expertise can be very useful when disputes arise.

Here are a few examples :

Tenant Disputes

If you are a tenant, a real estate attorney can determine if there are errors in the lease. This will determine whether you have a valid reason to sue. The Law Firm of Holly Cohen P.A. has dealt with tenant disputes over the years and can be of invaluable value before entering into a contract..

Property Ownership Disputes

This is one of the most common reason someone would hire a real estate law firm. A qualified lawyer can help resolve property disputes before they escalate. Arranging a settlement before a trial often is the best choice. If the situation needs to be settled in court, he will gather evidence to build a case that proves the client ownership. Should the court mandate, the law firm will arrange the sale of the property in dispute. The court will then distribute the proceeds obtained from the sale.

Divorce Settlements

When marriages end, passions often cloud the process. Clear thinking and fairness must be used especially when there are properties that need to be sold. Often there is no ideal way to divide properties that are registered under both parties. A real estate lawyer can help make sense of it all and make divorce less painful for all parties.

Purchase or Sale of Real Estate

Many real estate law firms often work in conjunction with realtors and brokers, which have extensive knowledge of the market, trends and prices.

The Law Firm of Holly Cohen P.A. has such connections that reduce costs and lead to successful transactions.

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