South Florida Real Estate Attorney

South Florida  Real Estate Attorney Holly Cohen specializes in the following Areas of Law:

Inheritance                                                                                                  Probate Administration

Wills                                                                                                                 Living Wills

Real Estate                                                                                                    Real Estate Title Examination
Real Estate Leasing                                                                                        Real Estate Title Insurance
Real Estate Acquisitions                                                                          Commercial Real Estate
Real Estate Sales                                                                                         Feasibility Studies & Zoning
Real Estate Title                                                                                          Real Property Development
Real Estate Contracts                                                                                Real Property Finance
Real Estate Banking Law                                                                         Residential Real Estate Acquisitions
Condominium Conversions                                                                    Residential Real Estate
Condominium Timeshares                                                                     Real Estate Development
Land Acquisitions                                                                                      Residential Real Estate Finance
Land Sales                                                                                                     Residential Real Estate Sales
Land Trusts                                                                                                  Real Estate Partnerships
Mixed Use Development                                                                         Real Estate Joint Ventures

South Florida Real Estate Attorney

As an expert South Florida Real Estate Attorney, Holly Cohen has helped hundreds of  clients with all their real estate legal needs.

With over 20 years of experience, Ms. Cohen serves the  community from her office  located in North Miami.

Regardless of whether it is a commercial property that needs to be  bought or sold.

Or that luxury  condo  on the beach,  or a leasing contract, Ms. Cohen will proficiently do all the necessary paperwork and see the transaction through the entire process to its conclusion.

Her track record is impeccable, and so attest the hundreds of satisfied clients she has served over the years.

If you are looking for a serious attorney  with years of experience and has the track record  to prove it.

Then dont look any further, Holly Cohen is the right choice.


 To contact your South Florida  Real Estate Attorney, call or email her now!


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