Miami Probate Attorney

Miami Probate Attorney Holly Cohen has over 30 years experience with Probate Law.

Miami Probate Attorney

In the case of death without a will, certain laws apply to individuals.

Probate administration enables those without wills to decide who gets what in way of belongings and property, and guarantees equality across the board.

As in all family situations, dealing with matters of inheritance may prove to be painful and difficult.

The intervention of an experienced legal firm can be invaluable in  mediating with family members.

What is Probate?
Probate is a court mandated legal process that handles the distribution of an individual’s assets after they pass.

Inheritance law and other legalities can further complicate the process in the event of death.

That is why a proven law firm like The Office of Holly Cohen P.A. is needed.

What We Do For You
As a Miami Probate Attorney, we offer the following probate administration services:

  • Access Property
  • Distribute the deceased’s property according to the law
  • Inventory the deceased’s belongings
  • Pay debts and taxes of the deceased
  • Verify and validate any wills available

Why You Need a Miami Probate Attorney
Having an attorney on your side enables you to focus on other issues that are also pressing.

Additionally, without access to wills, your family may find itself torn on what to do with belongings and how to properly distribute property.

The reality is that only a professional can help you navigate the waters of this trying time and ensure property and belongings are given out according to the law.

For proper probate administration and assistance in handling the inheritance details according to Florida Law, turn to us.

We are Miami Probate Attorneys with the know how and experience to help you move through the inheritance  process in a orderly and timely manner.

Get the best Miami Probate Attorney to work for you.

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