Hiring A Real Estate Lawyer Makes Sense

Hiring A Real Estate Lawyer simply is not optional, it is a must.

Hiring A Real Estate Lawyer

Many people think hiring s real estate lawyer is just too expensive. What they have not considered are the risks of not having one.

Below are a few compelling reasons why:

  • Common sense  simply is not enough – While there are no impediments to buyers and sellers to transact without hiring a real estate lawyer, the contract must be registered in writing and conform with state law. Real estate agents are qualified to fill standard contracts, good realtors however, will always recommend a law firm reviews all documentation prior to signing it.
  • Making sure there are no impediments to the sale – Public records can be searched by anyone of the parties, to ensure that the property is free of liens and that the seller is authorized to do the transaction is a lot more difficult. Teal estate law firms usually are connected to tittle search companies and can get the work done properly and much faster than an individual, however well meaning, may be able to do.
  • When and where to submit paperwork – All relevant documents must be filed in a timely manner and to the correct agency. For  the new owner it may represent  the possibility of getting  financing or not. Missing deadlines might  deem the contract void. All building permits, Tax ID numbers and operation permits must be applied for if the transaction is to come to a happy conclusion.
  • Level Headed Negotiations give best results – Real Estate Law firms  know how to negotiate, maintaining the legal  requirements separate  from the emotional attachments buyers and sellers have towards each other and to the property. Ensuring a  stress free process and reaching  happ, trouble-free conclusions.

For these and many other reasons hiring a real estate lawyer is necessary, at the Law Office of Holly Cohen P.A. they have been doing exactly that  for over  20 years


Hiring A Real Estate Lawyer in Miami makes perfect sense, call us to discuss your needs.Tel:3058912810


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