Why Green Real Estate Makes Sense

Why Green Real Estate?

There are multiple arguments why going green makes sense. A green lifestyle benefits the environment and leads to a healthier lifestyle.

Some of the changes are also cost effective. Riding a bicycle instead of driving to work will actually  lower your expenses, improve your health and still help the environment.

Why Green Real Estate

Here are a few reasons why green real estate makes sense:

* Higher home values – Using energy saving appliances and building materials will lower utility expenses adding value to the property. Green insulation materials are just one of the many examples that make sense, so are water saving washing machines, faucets, shower heads, toilettes and solar panels.

* Reduced energy bills – Energy star rated computers, television sets, ranges and refrigerators will substantially diminish power usage translating into thousands of dollars saved over the years.

* Tax benefits – Energy saving devices will translate into tax rebates increasing the value of a house or commercial building. Many states offer important tax deductions when using green energy.

* Durability – Green homes using eco friendly materials usually need less maintenance. Siding, composite decks and fences are jus a few of the examples.

* Lower Carbon Footprint – Green buildings by virtue of their characteristic have smaller carbon footprints which helps preserve and renovate natural resources.

* Increased Recycling ability – Applying green building practices will increase the life  of building materials which instead of landing in garbage dumps will be recycled over and over again.

These are just a few of the multiple benefits of living or working in an environmentally friendly installation.

For real estate developers, using the green labewl will attract younger customers  with disposable income that believe firmly in the idea of saving the environment.

In conclusion, green real estate makes sense.

It not only offers substantial savings it also makes financial sense.


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