Florida Probate Law

Florida Probate Law
When a loved one dies, the last thing you want to need to worry about is getting all of their affairs in order. It can take a long time, and often, it is the last thing that you want to worry about in between all of the other things that need to be done.

Florida Probate Law

That is why hiring an attorney that is experienced in probate law, will help you get through all of the paperwork and all of the legal hoops that you have to jump through.

The Law Office of Holly Cohen P.A. specializes in Florida Probate Law.

There are several options available within Florida Probate Law:

  1. Assets that do not need to go through probate.- Some assets  can go directly to the new owner without  approval from the court. (Living Trusts, or houses owned by  couples).
  2. No Probate required if the amounts left behind are small, if no real estate is involved, or the claims are less than the final expenses.
  3. Summary administration.- If the person died two years or more ago or the probate estate does not exceed $75,000.
  4. Formal administration.- If the estate does not qualify for any of the above options,  the court may order formal administration as this is the law that deals with all of those assets that the deceased person owned, which now need to be sold or distributed.

The process in most cases follows the following guidelines:

  • Probate law requires that all of the deceased person’s assets be gathered and tallied to make sure that all things are accounted for.
  • One of our probate lawyers will  work to make sure that all of the deceased person’s debts are paid for.
  • He or She will also go about distributing all of the assets that are to go to relatives or beneficiaries, so everything is done in a fair and equal manner, in accordance to the will left by the departed and in accordance  with Florida Law.

When it comes to Florida Probate Law, Holly Cohen P.A. has over 35 years experience.

Contact her and request a preliminary consultation.

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