Commercial Real Estate Law Services

Commercial Real Estate Law Services.

Commercial Real Estate Law Services in South Florida

The Law Office of Holly Cohen  P.A. performs all transactions related to the purchase, sale, or leasing of properties used for commercial activities.

Real property transactions at times can be very complex and the need for an expert real estate law firm to sort out and simplify the details involved is critical.

Commercial property legal transactions must be managed critically in order to successfully conclude deals.

Usually, both property sellers and buyers get the best results from the processes when lawyers specializing in commercial real estate are ivolved. Lawyers usually handle a number of services on  behalf of the property owners regardless of the kind of property involved.

Whether it is a house being purchased to rent to tenants, or a large commercial development for commercial or industrial use, the Law Office of Holly Cohen P.A. knows how to handle them.


Commercial Real Estate Law Services

Legal services for commercial real estate require additional experience. Solutions must be found for buyers and sellers. Only the best solutions must be found if commercial transactions are to succeed. Our lawyers can help you in a variety of areas:

· Following the Law – On behalf of either the buyer or seller, our lawyers ensure all laws are followed.

· Finances – Whether buying or selling, we assure that the best financial terms are delivered by the lender.

· Negotiations between the parts – Regardless of the type of commercial property transaction, our office will handle the negotiations professionally and efficiently for you.

· Review of leases and rental agreements –  Our commercial real estate lawyers will review leases and subleases of your commercial property to ensure that the terms are reasonable and financially sound.

· Title examinations – Even after a title search performed by an outside tittle company, details may be overlooked during the process. The lawyer will help make sure that the deal concludes smoothly.

These are some  of the many services we provide.

Commercial Real Estate Law Services successfully performed over more than 20 years are our guarantee. We deliver.







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