What Does a Real Estate Law Firm Do

What does a Real Estate Law Firm Do is a question often asked. Representation by an experienced legal firm may come handy regardless of whether you are dealing with residential or commercial real estate. It is obvious that a real estate attorney will handle contracts and closing details; however a legal firm’s expertise can be […]

Rental Agreements – Potential Liability Traps

Rental Agreements, if  done improperly, can become death traps for businesses. Ideally, all business ventures should be established within the legal framework of a company, or a corporation. It is the only reasonable way to maintain liability issues within the company and away from the owners. The importance of establishing a legal framework will prevent […]

Why Green Real Estate Makes Sense

Why Green Real Estate? There are multiple arguments why going green makes sense. A green lifestyle benefits the environment and leads to a healthier lifestyle. Some of the changes are also cost effective. Riding a bicycle instead of driving to work will actually  lower your expenses, improve your health and still help the environment. Here […]

Property Appraisals in South Florida

Property appraisals normally are required prior to buying any piece of real estate in order to establish the correct price for it. Prior to an appraisal, however, it all should start with a thorough inspection. Before a prospective appraiser establishes the value, an inspection should be carried out to asses the condition of the property. […]

Developing Properties in South Florida – The Smart Way

Developing Properties in South Florida Developing properties may have different meanings to different people, but all of them require a firm legal base if they are to succeed. Starting a career in property development, whether it is on the  engineering, architecture or construction areas; or perhaps developing land for residential or commercial ventures; there is […]

Office Space Sharing in Miami Makes Sense

Office Space Sharing makes perfect sense for businesses needing cost efficient solutions.   The high cost of proper office space is affecting businesses everywhere. For that reason, new and creative solutions are becoming popular. The idea of sharing office space is a welcome solution. These days, unused office space can be a source of revenue […]

Real Estate Law Firm

Real Estate Law Firm Serving Miami and the Beaches. Real property transactions may become complicated and the services of an experienced Miami real estate law firm like ours may make the difference between successful and timely completion or legal entanglements and loss of money. All real estate transactions must be handled with care always taking […]

6 Things You May Not Know About Property Law

Property Law must be fully understood if one is to succeed in real estate investing. While you may feel that the real estate you own is yours, the government always has the last word. The law has ground rules when it comes to owning large properties. Here are some basic things you may not have […]

South Florida Real Estate Attorney

South Florida Real Estate Attorney Holly Cohen P.A. Real Estate Attorneys all over the country are extremely busy these days. Real Estate is booming in South Florida and with it comes the need for the best possible legal advice. The search for ideal housing and business locations has driven demand up dramatically over the last […]

Florida Probate Law

Florida Probate Law – Wills Can Avert Family Warfare, but Have Their Own Hidden Traps Article Curated available at http://sco.lt/8svsZd   This article succinctly articulates the problems created for a family or loved ones when a Will is not in place at the time of a persons death. It explains the need to write Wills […]



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